1. Clients need a service that is outside of your practice specialty.


  1. You can either offer this service in an ad hoc way or find a partner.


  1. Beckstead & Company can be that partner – with a local presence and national reach.


  1. Benchmarking, Expense Reduction and Business Valuations.


  1. Experience, Compliance and Value for you and your client.


  1. You grow your client relationship.


Brad Beckstead, CPA

Managing Partner

Beckstead & Company

10120 S. Eastern Ave., Ste. 140

Henderson, NV 89052

702-528-1984 (office)

855-301-9788 (efax)


Grow Your Practice with New Services

Many firms work with clients performing Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxes, and Planning Services.  But what do you do if Specialty Services are needed or required? You need a partner who can provide the services you need without interfering with your client relationships.  That is where Beckstead and Company, CPAs comes in.

We provide per use specialty services!

We have decades of experience that you can leverage to meet your clients’ needs.  There are no upfront costs or long term commitments.

We offer several different Specialty Services including Benchmarking, Expense Analysis and Reduction, and Business Valuation. 

Each of these services is offered separately.  You can work with Beckstead and Company on one or more issues with a single client or offer the services across the board to all clients.  Our size and adaptability allows us to meet your and your clients’ needs.


Benchmarking: This Tool allows a Client to get an objective comparison of where their business matches up against the competition.  It allows businesses to find the weak and strong areas of their business.


Expense Reduction: This Tool empowers a Client to work on specific cost issues, whether in the Operating or Capital Budgets, and ultimately get a handle on the bottom line.



Business Valuations: This Tool empowers a Client to know the worth of their business for Litigation, Tax, Divorce, Sale or Estate and Succession Planning purposes.


Expert Witness and Litigation Support:  We provide expert witness and litigation support services where a CPA is needed for valuation, counter-valuation, and analysis testimony.

Beckstead and Company wants to partner with you to grow your business!

You will control the clients, Beckstead and Company provides the service, freeing you up to market and grow your firm.


Call now and set up a meeting time with Brad to strategize about growing your firm through Specialty Services!