The Benefits of Performing a Financial Benchmark Analysis for Your Company

Did you know there are more than a dozen different ways to measure the viabilitiy of a business?

Financial Benchmarking is an analysis tool that enables you to compare existing performance against others within your industry and identify areas of improvement.

This type of analysis often relies on both quantitative and qualitative measures to generate optimum results. Where a quantitative analysis can provide metric-based outcomes, a qualitative comparison can offer insight to applicable best practices. This process can be very time consuming, as you will need to work hard to develop a plan and investigate your business practices.

When performing an analysis for you, we can choose to benchmark your entire business or focus mainly on some key aspects. The main focus though, is to make benchmarking a continuous process for your company instead of a one-time occurrence.

By perform a financial benchmarking analysis, we can assist by identifying issues such as:

*Current weaknesses in productivity.

  • Areas of cost savings.

* New or different efficient   implementation options.

  • Ineffective business strategies.
  • Maintaining competitive advantages through best practices.

Using the information identified in your analytical results can potentially give you an edge over your competition, and can enable you to provide your management team both direction and motivation in the process.

By using the information we provide through performing a benchmarking analysis, you will be better equipped to focus on constant ongoing improvements in unison with the materials provided to you by your business valuation expert.

For more information about this amazing management tool, contact your local FocalPoint Certified Business Coach.


  1. Provides a clear vision supported by data.
  2. Logic-based decision making.
  3. Provides proactive strategies to you and your management team.
  4. Implements best practices for benchmarking frequency.
  5. Clearly defines results.